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Going for 8

I want to stretch my ears, but not so much that I wouldn't be able to get them back down to normal size. I thought 8g would be ok and cute on me, but I am wondering if anyone can tell me how big is to big to go back to normal size? Here is a pic of me, not sure if it even suits me to stretch. I already have quite a few ear piercings, so not sure if it would clash. Left Ear and Right Ear. What do you all think, would 10 or 8 go back to normal and would it look cute on me or tacky? I am going to wait til my tragus are healed and and I have some money for new jewelry. All opinions welcomed :)

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14g retainer in a 16g hole??

Hi all! You're probably tired of hearing about my tragus :P

brief background of piercingsCollapse )

Now my problem is I may have to go into hospital and get an MRI done. I have 14g labret retainers I could put in, but I was wondering if its a good idea to put 14g retainers in a mildly fresh 16g piercing, or should I just order 16g retainers? I would only have to wear them for the 10-20 minutes the scan takes, then I could put the CBRs back in (if I can get the little balls on by my self, if not I can go back to my local shop and have them do it for but I have gotten really good at putting the balls back on :D)

Sorry for all the ramble for such an easy question, I just don't want anger the piercings any more then I already have!

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Ear Rejecting?

Hi all! Brief summery is I got both my tragus' done on June 11th, 2007 with a gun, then found out it was bad and reported the lady, then they got wickedly infected, so I went to the local body mod shop, got them cleaned and got small CBRs put in so I could clean both sides with ease, then a few weeks went and I got bumps on both, then the bump on the left one went away and the right one got infected again, so I got put on anti-biotics and it started looking better, but now the bump is all angry and red and I am wondering if its rejecting or just been knocked in my sleep again (no matter what I do I tend to sleep on that ear so it gets bashed a lot)

As per the second piercing person and my doctor I do one 30 minute soak with saline and put anti-bacterial cream (germoline) on it twice to three times a day. Is there anything I can do or is it time to give up? they normally look so cute, I just keep bashing the right and now I think it's packed in for good.

piccies: Right ear and Left ear.

on the plus, the right one isn't puss filled and sore, it just looks horrible! thanks in advance!!

X posted everywhere, the more help the better, I am freaking that I may have to take it out :( :(
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Nostril Jewelry

all I can find are the straight ones here in town (google tells me its called a bone) and I was wondering if it will stay put or would it fall out? Its like an earing stud without the back but smaller. should I bend the ledn in like a 45 degree angle ( like this: ) or leave it? If it wont fall out I'd rather not risk breaking it, but for the price I got it for I can afford another.

Anyway, to bend or not to bend? lol

thanks all!

x-posted again, I promise I wont post again tomorrow lol!

EDIT: I left it, as I could hardly get the thing through to start with, so will just have to hope it doesn't fall out lol. Or should I try pliars up the nose and bend it with it in?
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Nostril piercing

I'm bored, and a bit pissed off, so thought hey, lets add some holes. The local piercer thinks he is gods gift and wants a stunner which I think should include a night at a hotel to recover and a solid gold stud, and as I've done all my helix and lobe piercing, I'm a bit brave at self piercing. My problem is at the moment I don't have any studs. Will just any good quality nostril jewelry do, or should I get something special to go in the fresh pierced bit. I had a spare retainer that I used for my helixs for a job interview, but I can't find it, so doing anything tonight is a loss unless I go for one of my spare titanium CBRs, but they are only 10mm so really not any use for where I was thinking of putting it.

Thanks all.

x-posted with love and appoligies :P
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Nipple piercing

To those of you who have had it done, is it very obvious? Like if I went out in a normal bra and t-shirt would people be able to tell, or will I have to buy padded bras for tight shirts and stuff like that? Sorry to sounds stupid, by my mother-in-law did enough heavy sighing when she noticed my tongue was pierced. That and its one of those things that is for me and not for everyone to know about and all that!


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well, that didn't feel like a box of kittens.

Got both of my tragus piercings done today. Hurt til she rinsed it, now just mild ache. -nutter- Will let you all know how sleeping goes LMAO!!! I think that may be the last of my body mods, but we'll see :P Any suggestions on what jewelry is good to use, comfortable and so on? I know I shouldn't twist the current jewelry and leave it for 2 weeks or so, rinse it with salt water two to three times a day, and generally leave it alone, and all that. Any additional tips and tricks? I've heard labret jewelry is about the right size and comfy to use, any truth to it?

Thanks in advance :)